The Invention Of Romance

The Invention of Romance

CAST:    three actors including male (thirties), female (mid-thirties), female (seventies)

LENGTH:    full-length, two acts (running time of approx. two hours)

PRODUCTION/DEVELOPMENT HISTORY: produced by Workshop West Theatre (2014)


Plot summary  

Kate, a curator at a museum, takes on the investigation of romance as a personal and professional challenge. Her love life hilariously spirals into crisis just as her elderly mother rekindles a romance with a man she dated sixty years earlier.



“A romantic comedy for the age of irony”
“Appealing, funny new play…part rom-com and part screwball”
Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal

“the perfect rom-com…”
“…charming and funny…
“Genre fans will not be disappointed.”
Mel Priestly, VUE Weekly

“Massing’s intelligent and entertaining evening…”
“…lively and uproarious”
Colin MacLean, Edmonton Sun

“Playwright Conni Massing can pull in an audience all by herself, because the turf she occupies is pure prairie-grown cracked wheat... If you’re a fan of Conni Massing’s writing, and I sure am, take in this show.”
Graham Hicks, Edmonton Sun, HicksBiz Blog

“The Invention of Romance Opens Minds and Warms Hearts”
“…a clever romp of a rom-com”
“Workshop West Theatre has artfully demonstrated that the stage isn’t exclusively a space for dark theatrics or sobering subjects but can equally host light-hearted narratives that make you think even as you laugh.”
Sarah Culkin, The Gateway

“Who knew Romance was so funny?”
“An absolute delight.”
Kristen Finlay, Finster


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