The Aberhart Summer

The Aberhart Summer

- full-length murder mystery drama, adapted from the novel by Bruce Allen Powe

CAST:   7 men, three women

Plot Summary

Summer of 1935: Charismatic, evangelical Social Credit leader William Aberhart campaigns on a promise of relief for depression-weary farmers, World War II is on the horizon, and 15-year-old Doug Sayers’ best friend Babe has just been found hanging in a barn. Everyone including Babe’s politically ambitious brother Albert accepts the verdict of suicide but Doug knows there’s more to the story. He spends the summer investigating his friend’s death, ultimately uncovering the truth about himself and the tragic underbelly of his city neighbourhood.

“Massing’s marvellous play is at once a gripping Alberta history lesson, a sweetly nostalgic comedy and a cracking-good murder mystery, all rolled up into one big, bright ball of theatrical of the most exhilarating and satisfying plays this festival has ever produced.” Calgary Herald

“Haunting, witty and compelling, Conni Massing’s adaptation of Bruce Allen Powes’ novel was the crème de la crème of playRites 99...” Calgary Sun’s #1 pick of the 1999 theatre season

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