Jake & the kid

Jake and the Kid

- full-length comedy adapted from W.O. Mitchell’s famous stories about the relationship between Jake ( a jack-of-all trades hired man and gifted raconteur) and the Kid, young son of Jake’s absent employer.

CAST: four males, two females

Plot Summary

It’s 1943 and all the farmers in the district of Crocus are suffering from the effects of a serious drought. Jake’s boast that he can make rain, challenged by his old neighbour Gate and innocently promoted by the Kid, culminates in a high stakes public display that endangers Jake’s reputation as well as the Kid’s faith in his beloved mentor. As Jake’s date with the forces of nature and the community of Crocus draws near - and prospects of success seem unlikely - the Kid nurtures a secret belief that somehow his dad will make it home from the war in time to see the rain-making.

"Jake is a whopping crowd pleaser of a play." Prairie Dog

"...breathes new life into a prairie classic." Regina Leader-Post

“a big light-hearted story of faith” - Calgary Herald*

“ a play that will become a staple for community and high school theatres.” - Calgary Sun
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