- full-length comedy

Cast: two males, two females

Plot Summary

Rhona needs advice from her mother about baking bread, her stalled country and western singing career, and an unexpected pregnancy. Her quest for guidance is de-railed by the death of her maternal grandmother, which triggers an avalanche of unresolved feelings for the whole family, as well as signs of life from Rhona’s comatose father, Cliff. From then on their world teeters uneasily between the pressing demands of the looming funeral, Rhona’s simmering resentment about an adolescent episode at the local ice carnival, and the revelations of illicit yearnings from her parents’ romantic history.

“Conni Massing’s laugh-out-loud Homesick…soon settles down to deal with bigger, more important issues with humour and sensitivity. Edmonton Journal
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Conni Massing
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